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Privacy Policy

1. Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information

JMD Career Co. Ltd. shall only acquire personal information through legal and fair means. Personal information acquired by us shall only be used and/or provided for areas of business necessary to achieve objectives of business goals on behalf of our candidates and clients. Registration gives permission to JMD Career Co. Ltd. to hold necessary information in the company’s database as well as make users’ anonymous profiles available to third party employers. JMD Career Co. Ltd. shall not use personal information for purposes outside the aims of the services of JMD Career Co. Ltd.. Any sharing of information outside of these areas will only be done with explicit written approval by the individual whose information is concerned.

2. Compliance with laws, state policy, and other regulations in relation to personal information

JMD Career Co. Ltd. shall comply with laws, state policy, and other regulations relating to personal information, and shall ensure the appropriate protection and management of personal information.

3. Prevention of damages and personal information leakage/loss and corrective measures

JMD Career Co. Ltd. shall implement appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leaks of personal information. Also, these security measures shall be periodically and promptly reviewed and revised.


4. Complaints and inquiries

JMD Career Co. Ltd. shall endeavor to sincerely address complaints, questions, and inquiries, etc., regarding the handling of personal information. Requests for deletion of personal information shall be carried out promptly.

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